Some highlights of the plan are:

The 30 acre property and existing 160,000 sq. ft building was appraised in 1987 for $15 million.

KPMG conducted a feasibility study for the city of Miami. They determined that it would take $50 million dollars to build four sound stages, would be profitable, and recommended to proceed. In comparison, this plan will consist of five sound stages at a cost of $10 million.

A recent study has determined that Dade County is a BILLION dollar media industry. This did NOT include economic multipliers, companies without headquarters here, nor the rest of South Florida, Broward & Palm Beach counties.

South Florida was the 3rd largest market for film & television production in the USA, after Los Angeles and New York. While many studio complexes operate in both these and many smaller markets, no such facilities currently exist in south Florida.

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Co-founded by Jim Weinberg in 1988,
annual revenue exceeded 27 million in 1997. A Video Services Company
providing high speed duplication,
fulfillment sevices and mobile uplinks.

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Nite Lite Studios

Post Production facility. In business for 12 years, the owner of the company reported no profit for over a year. After joining the company as President returned company to profitability after the first month. Met first year's profit goals in 5 months, allowing the owner to sell the business.

MotorCoach Network

Set up thousands of long distance tour buses across the country to play nostalgic TV programs and movies. Revenue was derived from selling ads to major advertisers which were edited into the program. Co-founder.

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